June 6, 2011

Craigslist Find - Chair Part 1

I am so excited to share my first project and first Craigslist find with you!  I always read about these awesome things people find but it always seemed too good to be true.  I am in awe when they take what appears to be junk and transform it into an amazing custom piece for far less than they could ever buy it for.  Well, I think this is one of those pieces and I am lucky enough to have snatched it up!

Introducing my $10 Craigslist chair!!

It did not exactly look like junk prior to coming to Lilac Drive but it was begging to meet it's full potential!  I started by using a flat head screwdriver and pliers to remove the ridiculous amount of staples in the fabric covering the bottom.

Next, I removed the four screws holding the seat to the frame with the help of a drill.

By now, I was feeling pretty accomplished.  See that little orange tag?  Well, that told me that my chair was sold in 1984 by Century Chair in Hickory, North Carolina.  I love that this chair has a story.  After some more staple removal (I am quite a pro now!), I had the fabric off the cushion.  It had been reupholstered once but I decided to leave the light gold fabric on the cushion since you couldn't see it through the new upholstery.  I placed the old fabric on the new fabric (yes, it's chevron!!!) and cut around it to get the same size and shape.

I will iron the new fabric and staple gun it back to the cushion for the finished seat!
Stay tuned for the reveal. 

I think Miss Gabriella likes the new fabric as much as I do.

See the finished product here!

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  1. I can't wait to see the finished product! Love what I see of the chevron.


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