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 I am a stay at home wife to my wonderful husband James, home décor enthusiast and mother to the most adorable Cockapoo ever, Gabriella.  We live in beautiful Upstate New York. 

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences and am certified in Secondary Science Education.  While I am not currently employed in either these fields, I believe my education has definitely shaped the person I am today.  I have a passion for protecting the environment, recycling, reusing and reducing that I strive to apply in my home. 

While taking a home interior design elective in high school my interest was sparked.  During this time, I developed a great apprectiation for Victorian homes and old architecture.  My passion for home design exploded as I became a homeowner for the first time, just a little over a year ago.  I jumped into buying furniture, decorating and projects without much thought.  Now, I am an avid reader of home design and DIY blogs, which have inspired me to share my own journey of home ownership, renovation, projects and my ever evolving style (sorry James!). 

As my house is only so big, my goal is to help others create beautiful spaces that they have always dreamed of living in.  I hope that you will read for pleasure, laugh, learn something once in a while, share your thoughts with me and be inspired.
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